Why We Travel – To Find Or To Lose? | travellorynet.ga

The enigmatic question, “Why do we travel” has intrigued thinkers and philosophers through the years and is best answered in the famous words of writer Pico Iyer, when he said, “We travel initially, to lose ourselves; and we travel next, to find ourselves.”

Do we really need to travel that much? If we find ourselves packing our bags and buying tickets, is it because we have to or is because we want to? It is estimated that 600 million people annually get into airplanes and travel.

When did traveling get so tremendously popular? Time was when so few people traveled, that when they did, it made big news. Christopher Columbus, the Italian Spanish navigator, made headlines when he sailed west across the Atlantic Ocean and discovered America. Marco Polo set sail determined to see distant lands and exotic people; he discovered China. His travels across the whole of China became the greatest travelogue of all times. While these two great travelers of their times were busy traveling the world and making history, where was everybody else? Taking a gondola ride to the neighboring island was the furtherest they dared to get.

We’ve come a long way since then. We travel, not to discover anything new (though that would surely be a feather in our collective caps); but to see what others before us have discovered and seen. We travel to snow-clad mountains so we can ski down the slopes and then we travel to sunny Mediterranean countries to bask in the sun. We travel so we can see first-hand the many man-made and natural wonders of the world that so far we’ve only seen in travel books. We travel because we believe that reading about a place or looking at its pictures is a poor substitute to actually getting there and feeling the pulse of the place and absorbing its culture. We travel the whole of India to sample its many different cuisines and then we travel to China to sample a different fare. We leave our televisions at home and travel across the world to catch the live action at the Wimbledon championships or the World Cup.

Most of all, we travel because the world’s become a smaller place. And with travel into Space becoming a distinct possibility, albeit a very expensive one, we’ll soon have yet another reason to travel.

Understanding the Need of Having a Luxury Travel Membership | travellorynet.ga

Man, by nature, loves to travel. He has the innate passion to go to different places and discover new things he has not seen before. He would go cross seas and climb mountains, until eventually he finds the place he can call home.

This is one trait man has carried over centuries, even today. Thanks to today’s advancements, he now has the ability to plan and come up with reservations in order to prepare for his trips to different places. But of course, due to changing needs and preferences, he has to enjoy his travels with the best treatment possible. And he can do that by getting luxury travel memberships such as the Global Resorts Network.

The Global Resorts Network is a luxury resort membership which you can apply for in order to enjoy your trips and travels to different places. When you are a member of this network, you can get various benefits that would make your travel and lifestyle a lot better, which conveniences such as:

1. Luxury treatment in hotels and resorts at a discounted, member-only price. You will enjoy quality hotel and resort accommodations even if you are not as rich as other elite tourists on vacation. Because the memberships are discounted, you get to save some of your money and get to use them elsewhere.

2. Long-term memberships. The memberships provided by the Global Resorts Network last up to 20 years, so you will enjoy fast access to different vacation spots which you want to visit, and not suffer from getting reservations for your trip.

3. Savings on travel expenses. The memberships of Global Resorts Network also cover other needs such as airfare, car rentals and cruises. You will be able to do what you want and go wherever you choose as the travel automobiles are readily available to you.

The Global Resorts Network is different from other travel business offers beginning from its structure as a business. Travel packages usually come with high front costs and they require their users to pay annual dues and other recurring fees. The Global Resorts Network meanwhile only asks for a one-time membership which you can use up to your whole lifetime (depending on the package your chose), and expenses are all in.

Most of all, if you refer your friends to purchasing travel memberships at the Global Resorts Network, you too can get a bonus. Referrals do provide certain commissions, thus you get extra income from introducing them to the network!